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The Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE) schools all over India come under the Inter State Board for Anglo Indian Education. Every Anglo Indian Institution has its own history, tradition, ethos, background, administrative system and fee structure. But the common factor among these schools is English Medium Instruction. These Schools also have permission for Religious Instruction. Earlier the students in Anglo Indian Schools were prepared for Cambridge School Examination. After Independence, all these schools opted for ICSE Examination, except Tamilnadu where A.S.L.C Examination is conducted by Tamilnadu Education Department. In 1950, the makers of the Constitution of India, for obvious reason, not only provided for the nomination of two Anglo Indian M.Ps to the Lok Sabha and one Anglo Indian M.L.A to the State Legislatures, but also gave special rights to the Anglo Indian Schools Under Articles 29(1) and 30(1) of the Constitution of India.